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Malibu food delivery Service

​What is your Malibu delivery area?
Our delivery area in Malibu is from Topanga Canyon Blvd to County Line.

How much is your Malibu delivery service?
From Topanga Canyon to Cross Creek $10
Cross Creek to Kanan Dume $10
Kanan Dume to Trancus $10
Canyon service $15 - $20

***We go Out Of Area (Beverly Hills, Westwood,Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Agoura,
Westlake Village,and Thousand Oaks) for $20 + $20 per hr + $1 per mile.

How do I order from your food delivery service?
If you want food- to- go from your favorite restaurant, eatery, or specialty shop (for example: yogurt, coffee bar, juice joint) just call us at (818) 437-4695 tell us what you want, we will order it, pay and pick-up, then deliver to your door, and then you pay us.

Why can't I call and order myself?
It's all about the timing. We want to get your order to you fast and hot. We are a mobile delivery service and timing is everything.

How do I order my groceries?
Two ways.
#1) You can call (818) 437-4695 and give us the list. This works best with just a few items.
#2) Go to the Market & Stores page, select the market or of your choice and make a list of the items you want. Then hit send. We will receive it by email. Then we will cofirm your order.

What Is A Day Runner?
If you needed a few things done on a particular day, let us say you are having a dinner party, or a baby shower, or your child’s birthday party and there are several stops to make that day. Go to the florist,...pick up the balloons,... a cake to pick up,...order party platters, buy the refreshments, etc...
Call: Call: (818) 437-4695 "Your Go To Gal" and say HELP! I need a Day Runner!
Then let us know when the event is, where and what time and we will handle the rest.
Go To Yoga... Relax!
OR, Sometimes you won't have time in you day to mail packages, pick up dry cleaning, go to fluff and fold, market, go to the Home Depot .....We will DO IT ALL for you!
Just go to the Day Runner/ Assistant page; fill out the form; type your to do list, DONE!

Rate for the Day Runner is (local runs ) $15. per hour + $1. per mile & (out of area) $20. + 50 cents per mile + $20. per hour.

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